Understanding the Importance of Guardianships

If you are a parent of a minor, it is important to look objectively at your situation and ask, “If my husband/wife is incapacitated or killed in an accident, who will raise our children?”

Without prearranged documentation, there could be an in-family dispute or children could be placed in foster care or custody of court. When this happens, there can be conflict between family members, all in the wake of a tragedy, to which children are subject.

Establishing guardianship guidelines can avoid this type of extremely difficult scenario, should the remote prospect of something unexpected occur. Contact Us today to learn about your options.

Considering What Is Best For the Children Involved

At Louis Pacella, Attorney at Law, we understand the deeply personal nature of guardianship, and it is always our goal to take this understanding to help clients think critically about the best possible situation for children should an untimely event occur. The main question that always needs to be asked is whether or not the proposed guardian is equipped to handle the children. Many couples automatically think that the grandparents should adopt the children. Many lawyers immediately try to put through the paperwork in an attempt to close the case.

We work to understand all facts by consulting with clients and moving toward the most beneficial solution that preserves the interest and well-being of children in the long run.

How do I become a guardian?
How do I set up a guardianship for my children or elderly loved one(s)?

Louis Pacella can help you answer some of the most crucial questions during this process.
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