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A conservatorship is a legal proceeding whereby a court grants authority to a “conservator” to make certain financial and/or healthcare decisions for the “conservatee,” due to a mental or physical incapacity. A conservatorship proceeding involves testimony before a judge and can be a time consuming, expensive and embarrassing process. However, all of that can be avoided with a simple power of attorney.

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If you are someone in California who is working on estate planning, it is not only important to make plans for the financial aspects of your life, but for the personal aspects of your life. Who do you trust to make end of life decisions? Who would you trust to keep your best interests at heart? Who do you think would be fair, should a decision need to be made?

Many people have has this issue including Zsa Zsa Gabor, a well known actress and socialite. She had a conservatorship battle where the power of attorney rights were disputed. In that case Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband had the power of attorney until the judge recently took it away from him as a lengthy conservatorship battle came to an end.

Health Care Powers of Attorney Calabasas

Establishing a power of attorney is important when planning for unexpected catastrophic life events, such as sudden accidents. Even people who do not have extensive assets should have power of attorney guidelines established; without power of attorney it is necessary to get a conservatorship that can implement your wishes in these events.

  • In the case of an advance health care directive, you can establish end-of-life decisions by determining who will make decisions on your behalf and what kind of treatment you will be provided.
  • In the case of financial power of attorney, as mentioned above, all the details of finances can be delineated.

Customized Estate Planning Services

It is important to note that establishing conservatorships is by no means “one size fits all.”

Louis Pacella has worked with hundreds of California estate planning clients to establish conservatorship guidelines that meet their needs. We attribute the firm’s success to comprehensive knowledge and dedication to clients’ unique circumstances.

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