Business Succession Planning Lawyer

As with general business planning and formation, in order to arrive at the best financial outcome, it is imperative to properly transfer the family business or partnership to the next generation.

It is possible to just hand the business over as a gift or through other means, but many people do not realize that it can trigger a huge capital gains tax. In order to successfully hand over the business, an experienced business succession planning attorney can be precisely the needed advocate to help prevent this.

Protecting Your Interests Through the Business Succession Process

When it comes to California business succession planning, Louis Pacella and team have substantial experience saving clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by using tools to hand the business down over time through family limited partnerships, stock purchases, etc. The key is, by incorporating concerted and methodical planning; almost any extraneous tax can be avoided. Ultimately, the correct decision depends on the value of the company and the long-term goals for all parties involved, which Louis Pacella and team can assist.

The keystone of the firm’s approach is bringing a comprehensive knowledge with a commitment to your success. They have an expert insight and comprehensive knowledge that allows them to understand all legal and financial issues that may arise out of specific actions. By taking this comprehensive understanding to your unique circumstances, you can take action toward an ideal financial situation in the long run.

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