Business Formation Lawyer

The foundation of any successful business, large or small, lies in planning ahead by creating a sound and comprehensive custom business plan. Generally, a business plan shows where the company has been, where it is going, and how it will get there. It can be used as a tool to secure money from investors, lower overhead, and generate additional profits.

We can offer assistance throughout the business planning process in order to save you time and money while avoiding potential legal hazards that could impede your business’ success.

Getting Started

In the world of business, one phrase rings true: failing to plan is planning to fail. Our experience with business planning allows us to assess your needs and develop a plan that fits your organization. This saves you money, creates a thriving business that attracts new customers and investors, and allows you to refocus your attention on the day-to-day operations of your business.

Though complicated, we strive to make your custom business plan development simple. We never use a business plan template as we offer assistance throughout the process of drafting your personalized business plan tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Business Planning Lawyer’s Process

All business planning sessions begin with the same simple question: “What am I trying to accomplish?” Answering this question helps you to identify the correct consumers, develop marketing strategies to reach your target audience, and determine how the business must operate in order to experience success.

Strategic planning ensures that the right steps are taken to meet the business’ goals. If you are looking to attract investors, we can offer you assistance in preparing your materials with the proper formatting requirements that investors demand. A firm grasp on these formalities builds confidence in investors and assures them your business will be run with a keen attention to detail.

At times businesses must restructure to meet their goals. Whether you are looking to incorporate your partnership or planning to turn a sole proprietorship into an LLC, our experience in business formation and the restructuring process can take your business to that next level. We also work with the most complex types of buy-sell business partnership agreements to ensure that a partner’s interest is bought out correctly in the event of a takeover or merger.

Additionally, we advise our clients on the procedures of building a solid foundation for their business endeavors, including document filings, preparation of minutes and keeping track of shares, in addition to all of the legal issues involved in Calabasas and statewide throughout California.

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