The Importance Of Having a Durable Power Of Attorney

It is important to have a durable power of attorney in place in California to handle specific financial, legal or health matters when you are incapacitated. Having this type of legal document is vital at any age, but as you are aging, you are more likely to have a physical or mental health issue that makes communication with you impossible.

Making Sure That Your Rights Are Protected

Most individuals choose a spouse, adult child or other relative to handle their health, legal or financial matters after their incapacitation, but it is also possible to select a friend. If you don’t have a durable power of attorney, then the courts or a judge will choose someone to make important decisions. In some cases, this is a person who you don’t want in charge of your bank accounts, medical decisions or legal matters.

The Person Who You Select Understands Your Wishes

By having a durable power of attorney in California, you can discuss your wishes with the person who you select. This individual will understand what type of medical treatments you want to have when you are incapacitated after an accident or health crisis. For instance, you might not want treatment with life support machines for an extended amount of time when you have a major brain trauma.

You Can Have Multiple Legal Representatives

It is possible to have multiple individuals in charge of your health, legal and financial affairs, but you must have the correct documents in place. The best way to ensure that a durable power of attorney is valid is to visit a local law firm for assistance.

Giving You Peace Of Mind

Having these documents in place will give you peace of mind, and it will protect your personal and financial interests from outside parties who might want to take advantage of your incapacitation. Contact Louis Pacella, Attorney-at-Law, to schedule a consultation to discuss a power of attorney.