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We are Louis Pacella Attorney at Law, and we respect the value of your time and business.

Our team has expertise in many areas of practice such as 10 years experience in Estate Planning, Business Formation and Planning, and 7 years experience with Medi-Cal Planning and Trust Administration and Litigation.

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An Experienced Lawyer Helping You Through the Process

As your lawyer, my team and I are committed to finding out precisely what your goals are, who you want in charge of your estate and finances, who you want to oversee your estate or trust, or assist you in your business planning and formation. The recent legislative changes have made it even more crucial for you to consult with a lawyer that is knowledgeable and dedicated in regards to your estate and trusts. No matter what the circumstances, we have helped hundreds of clients understand all of the issues involved, discussed the options, and saved them tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

We believe the key to our approach is that we are committed to listening and paying attention to the details, not just filling out forms. We have had substantial success helping clients identify issues that they had not even considered at the outset.

Meet With A Lawyer in the Convenience of Your Own Home

Have you spent time, hours even, waiting in an office? Instead of driving and waiting, would it be helpful and convenient if a lawyer was available to you at your place of business, home or leisure? My team and I take that extra step and make our services available and flexible around your busy schedule.

When it comes to important personal decisions, we understand that it is vital to feel comfortable with the process and the professionals you are working with, so we firmly believe in building relationships.

Calabasas Based Lawyer, Willing to Travel to Meet With You

My team and I are committed to providing you with the highest level of legal service possible in the comfort of your surroundings of choice. We know the importance of making every client feel valued by combining experienced legal counsel with the comfort and service you deserve. This is why the backbone of our approach is based on experience in family law planning combined with competitive rates and a dedication to our clients.

Solutions are customized to your wants and needs, not to the rigidity of a form or a process.

We are able to bring our years of experience to work with nearly any California trust or estate planning issue, in addition to helping with business formation, LLCs, business succession planning and other issues.

Avoid putting the future in the wrong hands. Call to set-up your appointment today.

To go over any aspect of estate or business planning in a free initial consultation with Calabasas based lawyer, Louis Pacella, call 818-614-9245 or e-mail.

We accept credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Service is based on your schedule, but general business hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.