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A Loved One has Died and Named me Trustee; Now What?

It is quite common for people to nominate a close relative or dear friend as trustee for their living trust, and most of us so named readily accept without much consideration. When that grantor, or person who created the trust, dies, you may find yourself somewhat overwhelmed by the task ahead and uncertain how to …. Read More

Estate and Trust Administration in California

Administration of a trust or an estate, in California, requires great focus and attention to the California probate code. While many are quick to accept the responsibility of being a trustee or an executor for a loved one, close friend, or business associate, those who do are often unfamiliar with the fiduciary duties involved in …. Read More

No offshore account, no problem: special trust can help

When you hear the phrase “offshore account,” it is likely that your mind immediately conjures up a shady character who is trying to conceal “dirty” money from the government. This is a stereotype in movies; but it also happens in real life. However, that stereotype obscures the fact that offshore accounts can be properly used …. Read More

What Age Is Too Young To Inherit An Estate?

Parents who are creating their estate plan may want to keep their children’s age in mind. When the unthinkable happens while the children are still young, trusts exist to oversee the funds and pay the child’s expenses until he or she is old enough to handle it on his or her own. The question is, …. Read More

Special Need Trusts For Special-Needs Children In California Vary

Parents of disabled children in Los Angeles face unique challenges that may not end when the kids become adults. Their special needs may make it necessary for their parents to continue their role as primary caretakers after they turn 18. But parents cannot take care of their children forever, which is where special needs trusts come in. …. Read More