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Don’t Forget To Create A Long Term Care Plan

Though many working adults in Los Angeles look forward to retirement, they may prefer not to think about what will happen as they age and their health declines. But there are important decisions that you can make right now that can make your golden years as comfortable and affordable as possible. Most of us can …. Read More

For – Profit Nursing Homes Providing Inadequate Care

Planning for the later years of life can be a difficult conversation, whether it happens between couples, an entire family, or simply a patient and their doctor. However, taking the time to discuss, explore options, and commit to a long-term care arrangement can lead to a happier, healthier, and ultimately less costly old age. New …. Read More

Long-Term Care Insurance Hike Expected For Public Employees

Our Los Angeles followers may have reads posts in this blog in which we remind people that estate planning is something that a person or a couple should do to arrange for asset transfer during their life or at death. A well-thought-out estate plan also addresses the issues of health care-related matters should incapacitation occur. …. Read More

Women Use Long-Term Care Insurance More, Study Says

According to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, a woman who is 65 years old has a life expectancy of an additional 20.3 years, compared to 17.6 years for a man of the same age. In California and elsewhere, women are living longer. Not surprisingly, women also account for most of the long-term care …. Read More

Long-Term Care Worries California Residents, Study Says

Few in California have escaped the political news as the presidential election moves closer. It seems as though health care issues, senior citizen financial issues, Medicare and the economy are blending together in a perfect storm of anxiety and concern. Recently a study has revealed something on which the Republicans, Democrats and Independents among us …. Read More