Mass Affluents Concerns – Survey

First of all — what is a mass affluent? According to financial experts, a mass affluent is someone with $50,000 to $250,000 in disposable assets. Mass affluents in Los Angeles and San Francisco were surveyed recently by a leading lender in search of attitudinal trends. A significant trend is that 34 percent of mass affluent individuals …. Read More

Estate Planning Lessons From Mike Wallace

None of us knows when we will die, other than the fact that we will die at some point. A healthy person can die in an accident at a young age, or a person with chronic medical conditions can live into their 90s. We just don’t know. Mike Wallace, the well-known 60 Minutes journalist, lived …. Read More

Unauthorized Oxnard Retirement Perk To Be Retired

Estate planning and retirement planning should be carefully thought out and well-executed activities. They prepare us for our senior years, or for unforeseen circumstances. That planning took a strange turn in Oxnard, according to news sources. Apparently the city of Oxnard retired department heads were the benefits of a monthly retirement gift that was not approved by …. Read More

Avoid Elder Scams – Create A Will

As the baby boomers age and reach retirement age, many will be updating their estate plans. For those who have not yet created a will, it is better to do it late than not at all. A well-thought-out estate plan could be one way for the elderly to protect their assets from a growing problem …. Read More

Estate Plan – Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

When a 48-year-old San Francisco woman’s mother had a massive stroke, both mother and daughter were catapulted into a series of decisions. Where would the mother live? How much care did the 83-year-old need? Could the other adult children help out? The hospital recommended a nursing home, but that didn’t seem right. A tidal wave …. Read More

Long-Term Health Care Insurance Costs Creep Up, Benefits Fall

One of California’s, and our nation’s, demographic trends is the increasing longevity of our citizens. We are spending longer in retirement, and a much longer time in nursing homes at the end of our lives. This has resulted in an insurance product — long-term health care insurance. But what happens if the insurance doesn’t cover …. Read More

Whitney Houston’s Will Offers Valuable Lessons

Multiple news sources revealed the details of the late Whitney Houston’s will. Los Angeles readers may wonder why her will was made public, when the details of many other celebrities remain private. The answer lies in the fact that Whitney Houston had a will, which is subject to probate and, thereby, open to the public. …. Read More