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Louis Pacella, West Hills Estate Planning Attorney

West Hills is a city in Los Angeles County, California. It is located west of the San Fernando Valley hills. The city population, as of the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau, is more than 23,000 residents. If you are working towards a long-term plan for your business or family, we are committed to incorporate a plan that works to protect you and your loved ones’ interest and address your goals.

With life changes are inevitable. The key to this is being prepared when these changes occur. Expected or not, failure to properly plan for how an estate or business will run should a death occur, could result in hours of work, stress for loved ones, legal battles, and loss of thousands due to taxes. It is important to work with a attorney who understands your circumstances and goals, while bringing the combined knowledge of estate and business to avoid these issues in the future. This will bring you peace of mind knowing your family and business are secured.

We are Louis Pacella Attorney at Law located in West Hills, and we respect and value your time and business. We have 10 years experience in Estate Planning, Business Formation and Planning, and 7 years experience with Medi-Cal Planning and Trust Administration and Litigation. If you seek out legal advice, we want to be there to be your West Hills estate planning attorney.

Guidance Through All Estate Planning Matters

Estate Planning can involve various legal documents including a trust, a will, power of attorney, advance health care directives, and transfer of assets. Many people in West Hills may be hesitant to take on estate planning because of the complexity of the matter. Most of which will make errors in estate planning. Some of the errors are: forgetting important documents, not keeping beneficiaries up to date, keeping the documents too secure, and leaving the revocable living trust empty. Fortunately, with our experience in estate planning we can provide you assistance with the best strategy to take care of your estate after death.

Other Services

Trust Administration is a responsibility many people are unsure how to deal with. Often time’s trustees will have unnecessary cost, due to miscalculation and the terms being carried out improperly because the trustee does not understand and is now personally held liable. It is important to seek out a skilled West Hills estate planning attorney¬†to help avoid these issues.

And finally, business planning is essential. A business owner needs to be aware of his or her goals for the business and take the steps to limit liability and potential taxes. Also, keeping in mind the needs of investment versus moneymaking business vary greatly. This comes down to observing corporate formalities, which calls for aid form an experienced West Hills business planning attorney. Contact Louis Pacella, a West Hills state planning attorney, to learn how we can help.

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