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Many people tend to put off making their will. And, some people, when they believe it is time, use a will form downloaded from a website instead of consulting with a lawyer. It is not a good idea to delay making your will, for obvious reasons. And, when you decide to make your will, it is important that you see a Tarzana wills lawyer to guide you through the process.

What is a will?

A will is a document with important legal implications. It is the way you can assure that your wishes as to certain matters will be legally honored after your death. A properly written and signed will can set forth the way your assets are to be distributed and name the beneficiaries, the people and charities, for instance, who are to receive your property and money. A will can also designate a guardian for your children. It can name the person or institution, called an executor, to collect assets, pay debts and distribute your property pursuant to the directions in the will.

If you die with no will, California law will determine your beneficiaries and how your assets are to be distributed. California law generally dictates that your assets go to spouses and relatives in a particular order. However, without a will, you will have no say in this distribution. Moreover, friends or charities will receive nothing if you die with no will. And, without a will, if you and your deceased spouse or domestic partner have no living relatives, the state of California becomes your beneficiary and receives your assets.

Why do I need a lawyer to make a will?

There is no legal requirement that you use a lawyer to make your will. However, the wording used in a will is very important, and if the language you use fails to properly state your intentions or is unclear, the final result may be something that you did not intend. Our experienced Tarzana wills lawyer will listen carefully to what you want, ask questions to make sure your intention is understood and then use the proper language to clearly state your desires and make sure your intentions will be carried out in a legally binding way.

There are different types of wills, and there are other legal estate documents, such as trusts, that can be used to carry out your intentions. Trusts can be used in conjunction with a will or separately. Our Tarzana wills lawyer has the experience and knowledge to advise you on what documents you need to make sure your estate plan is carried out.

A will must comply with certain requirements and procedures in order to make it lawfully effective. If these procedures are not followed, your will may be declared invalid. Since that determination won’t be made by a court until after your death, it is important that your will conform with the legal requirements at the time you make it. No matter how often or how strongly you have expressed your decisions, unless these expressions are done by way of a formal will, a court is not required follow those decisions. An experienced lawyer will know what needs to be done.

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Remember, once your will becomes effective, upon your death, it will be the road map used by your executor and the courts to dispose of your estate. Because of this, it is vitally important that your will expresses your intentions in precise, legally binding language. Our Tarzana wills lawyer can help assure you that this is done properly. Contact Louis Pacella, Lawyer-at-Law, today at (818) 616-8827.