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What happens to your estate when you die?

What happens to your soul once your body ceases to function is a philosophical question, but your body is either buried or cremated.  The end. But what about all your assets? You know – your stuff? Those things go to the living you leave behind and how you prepare for your final moment determines where …. Read More

Despite Obvious Intent, A Will Isn’t Changed Until It Is

An unusual case from another part of the country provides a reminder to our California readers that an estate plan is not complete until you sign it. Unless your will, trust, or other documents have been finalized, it can be very difficult for your wishes to be carried out.

Estate Planning Is A Good Idea At Any Age

People in Los Angeles often associate estate planning with being middle-aged or older. In a sense, this is natural. We associate wills, trusts, medical directives and so on with dying, which hopefully will not happen to us for many decades. But in truth, estate planning can be a good idea at any age. That is because …. Read More

5 Common Estate Planning Errors In California

On behalf of Louis Pacella, Attorney at Law posted in Wills on Thursday, June 6, 2013 People in Southern California want their estate plan to reflect their wishes and be executed smoothly and with minimal costs when the time comes. But despite their best intentions, there are mistakes that are commonly made in creating a will or trust that …. Read More

How Executors, Probate Courts Deal With Creditor Claims On Estate

Much of the time, the named executor of an estate in Los Angeles is not an attorney or someone else who has dealt with handling an estate’s affairs before. Many people select a relative or trusted friend to serve as executor when they write their will or trust. While many times, the probate process goes fairly …. Read More

Estate Plan May Need To Be Updated Over Time

On behalf of Louis Pacella, Attorney at Law posted in Wills on Friday, April 26, 2013 Many people in Southern California have yet to establish a will or trust to make plans for their finances after they pass away. Others have already done so. While their estate planning may be sufficient, for some people their plans omit important considerations. …. Read More

Death Of Woman Leads To Lengthy Search For Relatives In U.S.

When a person in Los Angeles dies without expressing his or her wishes for his or her estate, that is a legal condition known as “intestate.” Under California law, an intestate estate generally passes to the deceased’s surviving spouse or children. But if there is no spouse, children or immediate relatives, it may become necessary …. Read More