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Should You Have A Will Or A Trust? Comparison, Part II

Should You Have A Will Or A Trust? – This is a question that many people are asking themselves. In our law blog post, we began a discussion comparing wills and trusts, two legal instruments that are available to people conducting their estate planning. Our previous post focused on wills. In this post, we will …. Read More

Planning your gifts, investments under new estate tax

As readers in Ventura County likely heard, Congress passed a new federal estate tax as part of the so-called “fiscal cliff” deal late last year. Without the deal, the estate tax would have applied to everything over $1 million in a person’s estate. Under the new rules, the amount that is excluded is much higher: $5.25 million …. Read More

State Supreme Court Upends James Brown Probate Compromise

Readers in Los Angeles no doubt remember James Brown, the “hardest working man in show business” who was one of the most popular music stars of his time. They may also recall that a major probate fight erupted after Brown’s death in 2006. In the latest twist in that probate case, the South Carolina Supreme …. Read More

Having A Blended Family Can Complicate Estate Planning

Some people in Los Angeles find love a second time and get married a second time. This can lead to a blended family with stepchildren and stepparents. Many blended families can co-exist successfully but when it comes to estate planning, failing to clearly express your wishes can lead to unintended results under California law, such as …. Read More

A Pet Trust Can Go A Long Way For A Beloved Pet

The pets we keep are as varied as are the people of Los Angeles. With that in mind, consider the life span of various types of pets we might have (in years according to the Humane Society): hamster, 1-3 years; goldfish, 5-10; rabbit, 8-12; dog, 10-15; cat, 15-20; horse 40; catfish 60; parrot, 50-80; swan …. Read More

‘Spiritual’ Estate Planning Reaches Out From Beyond The Grave

In Los Angles we tend to be trend-setters rather than followers, and it appears that estate planning is no exception. “Spiritual” estate planning is gaining followers, although many are already making their estate planning decisions with this in mind. Just what is spiritual estate planning you may ask? Simply put, spiritual estate planning is making end-of-life and …. Read More

QTIP Trusts Useful For Estate Planning With Blended Families

When most of us think of QTIPs we may think of cleaning in small spaces. When an estate planning professional thinks of QTIPs he or she would be thinking of a qualified terminable interest property trust. A QTIP is a special type of trust that is highly useful during estate planning, particularly for the blended …. Read More

Choosing a trustee that you can trust

Experts throughout California, on television talk shows and even in celebrity magazines will tout the importance of having an up-to-date will. A will is part of a complete and well-thought estate plan. For many, a trust is equally important. Financial sources point out that for those with a trust, appointing the trustee is one of the …. Read More

Life Changes Require A New Look At Estate Planning

While there are some obvious steps that many people in California take to plan for their financial future and the future of their family, even in the event of their death, there are a variety of life circumstances that require that such steps be carefully reviewed and evaluated. What are some of these important life …. Read More