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Special Need Trusts For Special-Needs Children In California Vary

Parents of disabled children in Los Angeles face unique challenges that may not end when the kids become adults. Their special needs may make it necessary for their parents to continue their role as primary caretakers after they turn 18. But parents cannot take care of their children forever, which is where special needs trusts come in. …. Read More

A Pet Trust Can Go A Long Way For A Beloved Pet

The pets we keep are as varied as are the people of Los Angeles. With that in mind, consider the life span of various types of pets we might have (in years according to the Humane Society): hamster, 1-3 years; goldfish, 5-10; rabbit, 8-12; dog, 10-15; cat, 15-20; horse 40; catfish 60; parrot, 50-80; swan …. Read More

Choosing a trustee that you can trust

Experts throughout California, on television talk shows and even in celebrity magazines will tout the importance of having an up-to-date will. A will is part of a complete and well-thought estate plan. For many, a trust is equally important. Financial sources point out that for those with a trust, appointing the trustee is one of the …. Read More