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No offshore account, no problem: special trust can help

When you hear the phrase “offshore account,” it is likely that your mind immediately conjures up a shady character who is trying to conceal “dirty” money from the government. This is a stereotype in movies; but it also happens in real life. However, that stereotype obscures the fact that offshore accounts can be properly used …. Read More

Special Need Trusts For Special-Needs Children In California Vary

Parents of disabled children in Los Angeles face unique challenges that may not end when the kids become adults. Their special needs may make it necessary for their parents to continue their role as primary caretakers after they turn 18. But parents cannot take care of their children forever, which is where special needs trusts come in. …. Read More

Defending A Trust From A Relative’s Challenge

Ideally, every family in Southern California would be close and loving with each other. In this veritable Garden of Eden, creating an estate plan would be easy. Every parent would draw up a will, trust or combination of the two that would name their children as equal beneficiaries of his or her estate. When the time comes, …. Read More

Don’t Let Your Estate Planning Cause A Family Feud

Unfortunately, even the most well thought out estate planning can lead to conflict after you pass away. A family that normally gets along and has strong bonds can fall apart over accusations that one relative has “cheated” another by manipulating the descedant or falsifying the will or trust. Lengthy, expensive litigation can be the result. …. Read More