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Estate Plan May Need To Be Updated Over Time

On behalf of Louis Pacella, Attorney at Law posted in Wills on Friday, April 26, 2013 Many people in Southern California have yet to establish a will or trust to make plans for their finances after they pass away. Others have already done so. While their estate planning may be sufficient, for some people their plans omit important considerations. …. Read More

Who Knows Your Passwords? 5 Useful Estate Planning Tips

On behalf of Louis Pacella, Attorney at Law posted in Power of attorney on Thursday, October 25, 2012 Last spring our readers in California learned about the potential need for a social media will. Now that many of us have Facebook pages and perhaps blogs or other online personas, we need to let our heirs and our …. Read More

“Mom? We Need To Talk.” – Talking about Alzheimer’s

Mother’s Day is coming up and it is a time when many reflect about their mothers and their importance to us. Maybe you take her out to lunch in Los Angeles. Perhaps you buy her a gift. Few will have the difficult conversation they should be having — Alzheimer’s disease. Those of us in our …. Read More

Estate Plan – Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

When a 48-year-old San Francisco woman’s mother had a massive stroke, both mother and daughter were catapulted into a series of decisions. Where would the mother live? How much care did the 83-year-old need? Could the other adult children help out? The hospital recommended a nursing home, but that didn’t seem right. A tidal wave …. Read More