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Equity And Equality: Finding The Right Estate Plan

Finding the right estate plan might not be easy.¬†More often than not, parents who are preparing for the time after their death seek a will, estate plan, and inheritance agenda that treats each of their children equally, benefitting every son and daughter in the fairest way. However, given the complicated variety of forms that one’s …. Read More

Last Will Lessons From Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade was a relatively young man. At age 54, he no doubt thought he had time to create more art and enjoy life with his girlfriend, to whom he was engaged. One of the things standing in the way of that enjoyment was the fact that he was not yet divorced from his wife …. Read More

Lesson From Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks taught us many things. Stand up for yourself even if you must stand alone. Sit by yourself and others will join you. Live a life of goodness and leave the world a better place. She reportedly said, “Each person must live their life as a model for others.” Today, our Los Angeles readers …. Read More