Recent Litigation Cases

Recent Litigation Cases (within the last 18 months)


In re: The Vick Family Trust of 1997– Fresno County Case No. 14CEPR00967

Represented beneficiary in action for retroactive funding of a credit shelter trust after trust was improperly amended to disinherit the client. Result: settlement in favor of client with action dismissed.

In re: The George S. Adanalian Revocable Trust Dated October 5, 1993 – Case No: 13 CE PR 00817, Fresno County, California

Represented trustee in action to invalidate trust amendment made by settlor late in life, gifting entire estate to non-family member third-party, on grounds of lack of mental capacity and undue influence. Result: Trial verdict in favor of trustee resulting in net of more than $1,000,000 in assets to family members.

In Re the Trust of Donna H. Lucas – Case No. CV1307 0590, Clackamas County, Oregon

Represented California trustee in breach of trust and fiduciary duty litigation initiated by family members. Result: action against trustee dismissed and trust assets liquidated and dispersed to beneficiaries in settlement on terms favorable to trustee.

In Re Calvin – Los Angeles County, California
Represented client who was tricked into deeding a real properties of significant value to a “friend” via undue influence and fraud. Result: property returned to client after successful pre-litigation efforts, without the need to file Petition.

In Re Doe – Los Angeles County, California

Represented elderly individual in matter involving a child who deeded property out of her parents’ names and into hers via fraud. Result: property returned to elderly parents without the need for litigation.