Medi-Cal and Nursing Home Planning Attorney

Make Sure Your Elders are Cared For

Medi-Cal Planning Attorney

The price of California nursing home care can be absolutely astronomical. When properly accounted for, families can plan ahead to strategically receive Med-Cal benefits while simultaneously protecting their assets. Properly planning and applying can take a significant amount of time and attention. In order to truly work toward a successful outcome, it is critical to work with an experienced Medi-Cal planning attorney. Louis Pacella Law has over 7 years of experience in Medi-Cal Planning in Calabasas and will give you piece of mind knowing that your loved ones are taken care of.

Nursing Home Planning Attorney

Louis Pacella Law has helped hundreds of clients save thousands of dollars in nursing homes costs, we are able to look at all aspects of your personal finances and plan for eligibility and against recovery. If someone is receiving medical benefits, he or she can recover the entire amount against the estate at death. Many nursing home planning firms will work with eligibility but not recovery, resulting in a financial catastrophe in the long run. It is the extra step that many medi-cal planning attorneys do not plan for because they do not know they can or they are shortsighted.

It is important to note that you meet Medi-Cal eligibility standards if you are 65, blind or disabled and:

  • You meet the Medi-Cal resource limits.
  • Payment of your medical bills would leave you with less than the available “need standard” for your other living expenses.

It is our goal to help you:

  • Qualify for government benefits to cover long-term care
  • Protect assets
  • Help pay for long-term care
  • Protect your house from liens

We can identify assets that are subject to recovery and use irrevocable trusts to pass assets to the next generation free from liens and other recovery costs.

To go over any aspect of Medi-Cal planning in a free initial consultation with Calabasas, California, based medi-cal planning attorney Louis Pacella, call 818-614-9245 or e-mail us.