Avoiding Probate

Expert Probate Attorney

When an individual dies and owns assets, in his or her sole name, without a beneficiary designation, probate is required to “unfreeze” assets. If assets are titled in a decedent’s sole name, probate is unavoidable. Probate takes a significant amount of time, is public and can cost tens of thousands of dollars. For instance, if someone dies with $1 million, the statutory fee to an attorney is $23,000, in addition to executor fees

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Helping Clients Avoid Probate

There are many strategies for avoiding probate, but they can be complex and many attorneys do not fully understand how to take advantage of them. By correctly planning and working with an experienced legal advocate, you can avoid the hassle and expenses and ensure that your family’s wishes for your estate are maintained.

As an experienced Calabasas probate attorney, Louis Pacella, is committed to doing everything that is in your family’s best interest when it comes to probate issues. Louis Pacella and his team are always working one-on-one with clients to understand all issues involved and how to adequately work assets into either an irrevocable or revocable living trust.

How Much Does Probate Cost?

Probate is determined based on a percentage of the estate. The current probate fees in California are:

Estate valueStatutory fee

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