Joint Commission – New Accreditation Program Underlines Specialty Care

Few decisions in life can be as important, or as difficult, as choosing a nursing home for you or someone you love. As we’ve noted before, a multitude of long-term care plans are available to aging Americans; at times, parsing these options and committing to a nursing solution that best fits the need of a person, couple, or family can be exceedingly difficult.

Thankfully, some standards and guidelines do exist, pointing those looking forward to life’s later years toward a clearer decision. One such national group, helping families both in Los Angeles and across the country, is the Joint Commission.

Very recently the Joint Commission opted to change its long-term care facility accreditation program. A reliable benchmark for diligent and conscientious nursing care, the Commission’s approval is a mark of clear quality in a nursing home.

Much of the Illinois-based organization’s accreditation changes take into account the specialization(s) that nursing homes have developed in the treatment of modern ailments, disabilities, and conditions.

As a means to distinguish amongst care providers, a certificate will be awarded to specific homes by the Joint Commission, recognizing that facility’s ability to treat patients with acute needs such as advanced rehabilitation or memory care.

Long-term care planning can be daunting, but multiple services are available to assist individuals and families alike throughout the process. The Joint Commission’s accreditation and certificate program may provide a valuable metric with which to review possible nursing options. The help of an estate planning attorney will also prove invaluable, ensuring that the legalities of a plan are well-founded and adhered to.

Source: Modern Healthcare, “Joint Commission revamps nursing home accreditation,” Maureen McKinney, Jan. 7, 2013