Estate Planning

If something happens that results in your death or incapacitation, what will happen to your family? Are funds going to be transferred to your spouse, children, family or a charity, or will they end up elsewhere?

Estate planning refers to planning an individual or couple undertakes to arrange for asset transfer during their life or at death. An estate plan can address the issue of who makes financial and health care-related matters if death or incapacitation occurs. It can also establish guardianship for minors.

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Estate planning can involve:

Failure to properly plan for an estate can result in thousands or tens of thousands of dollars going to the state, improper people acting on behalf of the decedent and other issues. In order to put together an ideal plan, it is critical to work with an experienced advocate who is willing to carefully compile all necessary documents and who is committed to understanding your personal circumstances. Contact me, Thousand Oaks estate planning attorney Louis Pacella, to learn how we can help.

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As your lawyer, we are committed to finding out precisely what your goals are, who you want in charge of your estate and finances, and who you want to oversee your estate or trust. We have helped hundreds of clients understand all of the issues involved in estate planning and saved tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

We believe the key to our approach is that we are committed to listening, not just filling out a form. We have had substantial success helping clients identify issues that they had not even considered at the outset.

Because after 2012 the federal estate tax is going to change, it is absolutely critical to understand every aspect of estate planning and how it might affect your family and estate.

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