Calabasas Living Trust Law Firm

Calabasas Living Trust Law Firm

It is possible to establish a trust by transferring assets to be held for your or another’s benefit during your lifetime.

When dissolution rights are retained in a trust, it is referred to as a “revocable living trust” (“living trust”). This kind of trust can be created with a legal document that specifies to which decedent an owner wants to leave assets in addition to who will manage those assets should they be unable to do so.

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Avoid Probate in California · Minimize Estate Taxes

A living trust allows for control of your assets while ensuring assets are managed according to your specifications upon death or incapacity. This allows for flexibility and control in addition to privacy preservation, something for which probate does not allow. A revocable living trust is often used as a will substitute, usually to avoid or minimize costs involved in probate and estate administration because assets placed in a living trust are not subject to the probate or estate administration process. In addition, revocable living trusts have more flexibility than irrevocable living trusts, which make them more desirable for individuals seeking flexibility during changes in life circumstances.

Our Calabasas living trust law firm’s lawyer, Louis Pacella, can assist you in identifying assets and the selecting the proper trustee that you want in charge after death or incapacity. Depending on the individual’s desires, assets can be left to family members, friends, charities, and even pets. There are actually no real limits as to who can be left assets as long as such a transfer would not violate California law.

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