Business Planning & Formation

Correctly planning for your business is absolutely essential. A business owner needs to understand his or her goals for the business and take the optimal steps to limit both liability and potential taxes. The needs of an investment versus moneymaking business vary greatly. Further still, it is considerably more difficult to attract investors if a business is just under an individual’s name. If the organization has shares, however, the business investment opportunity can be far greater.

All of this comes down to observing corporate formalities, which calls for the aid of an experienced Thousand Oaks business planning attorney. Contact Louis Pacella, Attorney at Law, to learn how we can help.

Guiding You Through the Business Planning Process

Because business planning and formation is one of the only areas in which we practice, we have gained comprehensive knowledge of all the necessary factors that go into business planning. We can advise clients on filing documents, taking minutes and keeping track of shares in addition to all of the legal issues involved.

We can also help clients direct income to where they want it to go and figure out ways to maximize the income and expenses to minimize taxes. These are strategies that can only be undertaken if the business is correctly setup and maintained.

We are also able to work with the most complex types of buy-sell business partnership agreements to ensure that a partner’s interest is bought out correctly in the event of a takeover.

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